Supra Hot Slots

Supra Hot Slots is a truly unique and distinctive slots title as it differs from most gameplay styles with its four by three reel setup. I would be hard pressed to find another title that has a four by three reel setup as opposed to five by three, but that only makes Supra Hot Slots more valuable and scarce as a slots gaming commodity!

The four by three setup has up to twenty five paylines which only increases the chaotic yet addictive rewards that constantly shuffle on to the board. The background eases players in with the music and the slot grind is easy to get into with the Supra slots series.

Paylines can not be modified and the patterns required for three of a kind matches and beyond are incredibly easy and straightforward to understand. The green button allows players to spin the reel to their heart's content, but there is an autoplay option for those who want to allow fate choose their path!

Most slots titles do create bonus rounds for the player, but Supra Hot Slots does this a bit differently and arguably in a more fun way! After every win the player attains, they will gave a chance to gamble in a virtual mini game post play. Players will have to guess the card of the chosen card in a virtual deck and with the right color chosen, the winning play will be doubled... but be warned, this works both ways and players can surely lose the same way they won. The double up in the gamble bonus scenario is fantastic and adds and element of anxiousness and excitement to an otherwise straightforward slots game.

Like any slots game, wagers can be increased on the drop of a dime and allow those timely bonuses to be reached! Players will be matching symbols like the classic Bar, classic fruits such as lemons, plums, oranges, and cherries and even blue stars and the extremely scarce and valuable golden sevens.

So far, nothing really new. However, the particularity of our paytable here is that there isn't a specific value associated directly with each symbol, but rather a combo-based pay scheme. The ranking above roughly represents their order of value, but there is a big difference between lining up three and four Bar signs, for instance.

Matching the right symbols opens extra possibilities, players have multiple ways of winning through the unique four by three reel setup which defaults naturally to create extra paylines. A full house bonus is also considered in Supra Hot Slots when a single fruit covers the entire twelve reels of the screen, this bonus also doubles the bonus provided so players are in for a real treat if they hit that jackpot!

Supra Hot Slots is a worthwhile slots game and will reintroduce players to classic gameplay with the ability to play unique bonus rounds and experience awesome double ups and jackpots!