Cupid's Arrow Slots (Novomatic)

Cupid's Arrow Slots (Novomatic)

It's doesn't have to be Valentine's day to get struck by this Cupid's arrow, with five reels and twenty five paylines, players will fall in love with every log on and spin! Novomatic has created one of the most deeply thematic and fun loving slots games in existence, and the symbols to match are just as fun to look at as the next.

From chocolates to roses and perfume to beautiful women, Cupid's Arrow really knows how to grasp the essence of love and does justice to give a sense warmth to the game. Beyond the aesthetic and the gameplay, players will find themselves in a wide variety of situations to earn. Besides the standard three to five a kind matches and other mechanics on the reel, players will encounter extra special bonuses after wins which are not only involving but extremely rewarding!

The Cupid's Arrow itself acts as a wild and players can accrue up to a two thousand times multiplier which is an incredible jackpot especially amongst its peers. The eight hundred thousand maximum jackpot is also a nice touch to shoot for with every reel spin and bonus round encountered!

To elaborate on bonuses, these are rounds post any reel match on the board that accrues a certain number of credits. If a player is offered the GIrls Night Out bonus round, they will encounter two new symbols including another beautiful woman both of which electrify the board and make regular symbols much more valuable. The Shopping Spree bonus round is my personal favorite with players being able to choose from two dozen shopping locations and randomizing tickets to move on. Finding the right tickets to move on will create a process of elimination bringing players closer to their beloved prizes! Last but not least, the self titled Cupid's Arrow bonus is one that really only offers free spins but is encountered with the most valuable match symbol in the game.

The most fun thing about Cupid's Arrow is that it's a continuously fun slots game with no real gap in the action of earning. If the rose red color and Valentine's theme aren't so much your thing, Cupid's Arrow is still worth a try as it isn't gratuitous with its thematic elements, it simply provides a fantastic gameplay experience with some of the more innovative and fun bonus rounds to earn with! Novomatic did fantastic with this slots entry and even though Valentine's is long past, Cupid's Arrow is here to stay!