Sizzling Hot Slots

Sizzling Hot Slots is a fiery take on the classic slots formula that players know and love. The original and distinctive designs come in the shapes of fruit, stars and lucky sevens which act as symbols to match on the reel and each one provides its own type of bonus and jackpot supplement.

With up to twenty playable lines and the ability to max bet each turn, players will find themselves getting lost in the classic slots sights and sounds that only old school Vegas was thought to provide! Matching sevens is undoubtedly worth the most, and landing a five of a kind let alone three of kind creates immense mega jackpots that are always worth chasing!

The iconic sizzling sevens and gold coins are instantly recognizable and let players know they are in for a game that's easy to learn, but hard to master. When players acquire the right matches and enough matches, there will be an ignition that takes multipliers to a whole new level! Most any symbol can become ignited but it does take special fruit matches to acquire the best possible scatters, Sizzling Hot Slots version of wilds!

Watermelon and grapes seem to be worth the most in terms of their value and overall wild, or scatter ability! The second tiers come through in form or oranges, lemons, the classic cherry design and stars of course! The real aim is to get as many sevens as possible not only for the scatter bonus, but due to the immense value in attaining even just three of a kind with these symbols! Aim for the stars.. and pray for the sevens!

A huge bonus in playing Sizzling Hot Slots is the ability to use the whole reel in terms of matching. Top reels can match with bottoms as long as there are three of a kind of any symbol, any additional symbols will create matches based on their match tier and if there is any type of scatter bonus due to the type of symbol it it.

Sizzling Hot Slots is surely a game for the more hardened and classic slots player. There is no overabundance of thematic elements or music, but it provides a nostalgic and hyperrealistic of slots most popular on the Vegas floors themselves! Hop into the engaging and blissfully fun Sizzling Hot Slots which arrives yet again just in time for Summer, it's a one of a kind game with elements of everything that makes slots fun!