Roaring Forties Slots

Roaring Forties Slots is a truly fun throwback to vintage Vegas slots! The beauty is in the game's simplicity, and Roaring Forties has a unique yellow brandish with the legendary fruits and reel sounds that could make any veteran player swoon.

There is a free play option for players who aren't ready to sink their feet in all the way, but for the bettors, there are massive pools and jackpots to be won along with a max bet of two thousand which allows for incredible multipliers when they're landed on! Matching the vintage lemons, plums and grapes will get players in the slots mood, and the vintage reel and coin shaking sounds really give that vintage Vegas feel that a lot of modern slots are missing.

Cherries and sevens will of course make an appearance to those lucky enough to match three, and the scatter symbol is the iconic gold star which will help match and eliminate the right pieces to make that jackpot ever so juicy! The jackpot can be risen to two hundred thousand credits or dollars and that is just immense for a game of this variety, with each big bet comes big risks and rewards but they are all there for the taking!

Any three of a kind match wins in Roaring Forties Slots just like most vintage slots games, and depending on the jackpot multiplier and scatter players can receive much more than what they've just earned from the match! The post match gamble mini game is also quite popular in new variants of slots games, and Roaring Forties Slots is no different! Expect to be given choices between black cards and red to decide the fate of a multiplier post win! This is all optional but it adds depth to an already exhilarating game with high stakes!

Along with scatters, jackpots and max bets are also the welcomed and almost mandated wilds feature! Wilds do replicate most any of the symbols including sevens and cherries and bells, and when they come about only riches shall proceed! This is a great way to earn bonuses on max bets and gambling the black and red card after winning a wild reel can lead to extremely fun and profitable results!

Roaring Forties Slots is a truly easy game to learn, master and hop into on the regular. Free games are available to practice and learn how and when to make the right gambles, and it's also just a fun game to get lost in.. the visuals and sounds are prime Vegas slots floor! Hop in today and get lost in Roaring Forties Slots!