Burning Wild Slots

Burning Wild Slots is a fast paced and extremely fun yet simple game that's easy to learn and master! New players and veterans alike will be able to adapt quickly to the limited three reels by three rows and five paylines, but that doesn't take away from the ability to match and win big in Burning Wilds!

The full grid of symbols take a much more classical approach with the straightforward Burning Wilds logo and triple sevens being the game's most valuable wild icons. Up to ten and twenty times a single bet can be achieved with matching the Wilds and sevens, and due to the smaller reel and payline size, it's easier to hit bonuses more frequently. Main game symbols range from plums to oranges to bells and watermelons, the classic slots aesthetic that does a good job giving Burning Wilds a much more authentic casino experience.

The incredibly low buy in of a tenth of a credit makes entry and learning curve easy in Burning Wilds, and the match of fruits and classic slots icons can bring older players back into the fold who may have been hesitant about getting into virtual slots. Players shouldn't be fooled by the low buy in, one can stil max bet one hundred credits on each spin and with the plausibility of twenty times profit on a single wild, reclaiming gold is never far out of reach!

Playson has developed an incredibly hooking virtual slots experience, and for utilizing the basics to create a fun core experience they've done fantastic! Burning Wilds may not be the most technically advanced game or visually gifted, but it does remain a classically fun slots experience and that counts for more than anything!

Burning Wilds does also find a way to include bonus rounds into the game via reel matching! Since the reel and paylines are not massive, they do a good job of providing a fun experience in matching the entire reel with a single symbol and providing up to ten times the bet in play. This allows bonuses to fill up the reel more often which is a necessity in a game like this where action is crucial and matching must be fun and constant!

Whether it be by bonus or by maximum bet, players will be immersed into the classic slots feel of Burning Wilds. Doubling and tripling up is truly only a few spins away, and players will find the Wilds to be well worth the time and adventure!