Elemental Dragons Slots

Elemental Dragons Slots brings the standard five by three reel mechanic with twenty paylines to offer! Simplistic yet tidy gameplay and awesome visuals make this one well worth playing! From a fifth of a single credit to play, the learning curve is soft for new players yet slots veterans alike can find lots to love in Elemental Dragons Slots!

In the same vein as other Novomatic titles, there are simplistic symbols to match aligned with the theme of the game, and there are constant bonuses and multipliers for matching the higher tier wilds. Some of the more unique and creative characters exist in the Elemental Dragons Slots universe from lotus, gongs and lanterns, to the mythic water and fire dragons! Players must seek these rare dragons along with the scatter logo which also acts a wild to enjoy the splendor of one hundred and two hundred times bonuses!

Along with the standard gameplay, there is fantastic earning potential in the bonus round implement which Novomatic enjoys creating for their games. It's as basic as choosing the correct color in an attempt to double or nothing the reel winnings! Players can gamble after each win which is a nice bit of action after the initial take, this adds depth and an endgame to a virtual slots adventure that has a lot going for it despite it's simplicity..

Elemental Dragons Slots is a new age game with a lot of great visual themes, sound cues and all around fantastic gameplay, but it does have many throwback elements in terms of its gambe function and gameplay in general. Players will find themselves getting lost in the Wilds when collecting enough will get them to a virtual bonus present on screen at all times. Players will know what to shoot for and it becomes interesting when players can choose to gamble, or maybe resist the gamble to put more into creating the Wilds bonus multiplier.

Elemental Dragons Slots is a distinctive and interesting take on classic slots with the ability to earn numerous free spins, jackpots and of course dragons! Slots that deal with dragons and the mythos of ancient cultures are always spectacular on the casino floor, and this adaptation is a fantastic way to spend an after indulging in the thematic tunes and glorious backdrop that is Elemental Dragons Slots. Revel in the old world of ancient dragons and lore and earn big today!