5 Line Mystery Slots

Novomatic brings another installation of classic slots gameplay with 5 Line Mystery Slots! Players will notice off the bat that this i a pure slots adaptation that remains faithful to the look and vibe of an original casino slots game. The simplicity and ode to a classic makes 5 Line Mystery Slots well worth playing, especially for old school players looking for classic slots matching and easy to understand, attainable multipliers!

5 Line Mystery Slots runs the classic three by three reel and row set up with over five paylines and the classic slots symbols players know and love. Cherries, lemons, oranges and plums all make an experience and are visually toned up and drawn well to create a nostalgic yet new age look for players current and recurrent. Even with the warm feel of a classic slots game, Novomatic did ramp the action up a bit to keep players enticed and with reason to play for hours on end.

The five line mystery feature allows players to explore more of the game's bonus gifts and there is also a bounty which gets added on to with each win and Wild pull. The Wilds in 5 Line Mystery Slots are a bit different, yet somewhat the same! From the top of the deck, players will notice Jokers as being the Wilds. If players can accrue the Joker, it becomes a wild to match against any piece, but three Jokers in a row will net the player the entire bounty accumulated and that is nothing more than a lot of credits and spins!

Five line mystery is an incredibly fun feature that adds to the pace and action of 5 Line Mystery Slots, but the secondary bonus game can be seen as even more exhilarating! Players will choose from only a few transparent reels which are eventually shuffled like a deck of cards. This is a memory game and remembering where the biggest stack of cash was will net the player that entire set of winnings! This adds a completely new element to a throwback slots game and will surely keep players coming back for more!

Novomatic does a fantastic job at creating simple to learn yet fun to master slots adventures in which bonus games and secret symbols make the experience that much better. It's a nostalgic yet up to date slots experience that is incredibly rewarding and made glamorous by the bonus games and bounties!