Slick Riches Slots

With five reels and twenty five paylines to earn from, Slick Riches Slots offers old school slots action with opportunity to strike big at every corner! It really is like striking oil if players can hit that fifteen hundred maximum multiplier on their bet!

Match bonuses and scatters do exist in the Slick Riches universe, but players will want to aim for the more valuable symbols when matching to accrue the truly worthwhile bonuses! There are two versions of Wild symbols, and both are the next to each other in terms of tier value, and they are the most valuable pieces on the board anyways. Aiming for the Wild symbols and the Gold Tower Wild symbols will net up to fifteen hundred times their bet on both if they can match five of a kind; three of a kind and four of a kind are still incredibly rewarding just like any classic slots game would offer.

The symbols to match are in line with anything and everything oil! From wrenches and hard hats to oil tankers and oi rigs, players will immerse themselves in a classically designed world that brings the most valuable industry in the world to one of the more fun slots games on the roster!

The minimum bet for Slick Riches is not as light as some other games as it will require two credits per spin, but with so many symbols to match each payline becomes increasingly rewarding and it does feel easier and more fun to match in this game than many others on the market. In the new era of slots games, not only are themes and storylines prevalent, so are new gameplay mechanics! The bonus rounds in Slick Riches rival the best on the market and provide a new and satisfying way to earn additional credits and spins!

The quirky yet stylish and cool game design goes well with its unique theme. The stacks of cash as symbols work quite well and players may find their own favorites to match regardless of endgame prize. The bonus rounds in the game are incredibly fun and involve finding the most rewarding bonuses via a map in which players will need to strike oil! Free spins and credits will be aplenty with the right drill spots chosen, and this not only adds a unique set of fun gameplay bonuses to earn from... but it involves the theme and creates a storyline within the slots adventure. Slick Riches is more than capable of providing endless hours of rewarding fun, it's easy to learn and fun to master!