Amazing Stars Slots

With five reels and three symbols rolling simultaneously in each, Amazing Stars Slot provides an old school slots experience with a new take on the aesthetic with glossy, visual upgrades on the symbols themselves and the gameplay. Little evolutions in the artistry show through even the classic watermelon becoming a more intricately and elegantly cut up fruit as opposed to a piece of fruit on screen. The upgraded grape stems and even the shiny new sevens make this feel like a truly massive upgrade to the classic Vegas slots feel players long for.

Amazing Stars Slot is a throwback to the best of what slots has to offer with a blend of it's own unique match and reward system. With only two symbols or more being required to enhance the max bet multiplier, players will relinquish time and up their maximum bets to make the most of attaining the jackpot and increasing the odds of it with each reel spin!

The multipliers are seemingly endless in Amazing Stars Slot and building up to a nice balance won't take long for those willing to up their max bets by a bit. If multiple combinations are hit on many lines of the simultaneously spinning reels, the most valuable line will be rewarded and to the player goes the spoils!

Sevens are a complete must have commodity, not only in value as a throwback and pioneer slots icon, but in its ability to make jackpots more dense with each other seven that props up. Another element of Amazing Stars Slot that is not only uniquely challenging but awesomely fun is its dual progressive jackpots!

A singular jackpot can be won by landing five of a kind on the lucky, classic sevens or if one is able to fill the screen with Amazing Stars symbols, these are both an accumulation of max bets and the multipliers that come with each of those plays. The progressive jackpots are easily trackable and are both measures by certain gauges which need to feel. Finding five sevens can be argued as much harder than filling the screen with Amazing Stars, but each provides advantages in that rewards are much greater for the lesser probability in the action actually happening.

Amazing Stars Slot is a fantastic slots entry for new and veteran players alike, it takes the best of classic slots and introduces dual jackpots with an easy to read meter and an overall awesome user interface!