Golden Ark Slots

Golden Ark Slots is another thematically brilliant and beautiful game by Novomatic. Transport yourself to the time of ancient pharaohs and pyramids as Egypt takes direct stage in this virtual slots adventure. Golden Ark provides a unique take on the slots formula by having players match hieroglyphics and ancient artifacts to achieve unimaginable wealth!

There is a storyline to the game in which researchers are to be discovered, and in turn players must match the distinctive symbols to find the clues! With the more symbols that match and create headway into the discovery, players will earn lots of coins including the ability to earn up to two hundred thousand credits off a single bonus! These golden symbols will be easily deciphered once found, and matching them is addictive as collecting the real coins is!

If players are able to conquer the ancient world and match enough to save their researcher friend, a whopping half million credits will be put into the player's virtual wallet! As stated prior, unimaginable wealth is attainable in the land of Golden Ark Slots! The gameplay variety alone is enough to hop in, but the bonus rounds make Golden Ark Slots a true must play for any slots fan!

The gamble functionality makes a return, and as Novomatic staple it really shines in presenting players alternative choices to truly win big. Although it is mostly a fifty fifty choice of right or wrong, it adds to the depth of the win an adds to the lucrative yet risky and creative nature of the bonus game. Besides gambling there are also scatter symbols, when these symbols take over the board free spins and bounties will be granted and this can still be multiplied right after with the gamble! It all leads back to the same road with Golden Ark Slots one just has multiple ways to choose which adds to the fantastic and addictive gameplay!

Whether it be the storyline of ancient Egypt, saving the fellow researchers that need your help, finding the half million dollar bonus or simply trekking through each win and gamble as you may, every step of the way is rewarding and better than the next. Golden Ark Slots is a true must play in an era of fantastic and wondrously themed games. Take a step into the ancient world of Egypt and get a taste of the riches that you've only dreamed possible!